Our Team

Caroline Hermanns

This little boss lady knows everything about the body and how to train it. You can find her anywhere in the studio (apart from teaching Pilates classes) as she is the owner of Vertical Barre.

Her Specialty? Burning Barre sessions, creative pole moves and general bossing around!

Alejandra Pérez Cortes

With over 10 years of experience and an IPSF judge certification under her belt, this Latin heat is a true pole dance master and dictionary! You can find Alejandra teaching pole classes and flexibility. She also has desk shifts as our Assistant Studio Manager.

Her specialty? Anything pole and weightlifting!

Glynn Verveckken

This inhouse fitgirl is certified for teaching POP Pilates, Mat Pilates and Barre. Also, this girl is in training to teach (post-)pregnancy classes, and she is an amazing graphic designer. We are happy to have her!

Her specialty? She has her way of finding the best exercises at any time! Plus, she always joins her own workouts.

Heleen Willems

Do you need a leg day? Say no more! Heleen can be found teaching our Barre workouts. And, boy oh boy, does she teach them well! We had to rename her the leg killer, because she’ll make those burn.

Her specialty? Well you guessed it…leg day in 60 minutes!

Jony Overdijk

This experienced Dutch poler cannot only dance, but sing as well! Apart from that, she is one of the sweetest ladies we know!

Her specialty? A sensual choreo (Pole Classique) to blow your mind, and voice to pamper your ears!

Lina Cleys

Lina is an absolute bombshell: she rocks the pole and owns her own sustainable lingerie and polewear brand. How cool is that?! Surely check out Tierra Line for an outfit to rock the pole in class with her.

Her specialty? Spinny pole combinations, flowing transitions and creating the most amazing sustainable lingerie!