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Meet our team
Dominika Mitura
Amelie Gildemyn
Alejandra pérez Cortès
Domi’s personal journey in pole dance began 5 years ago as a quest to enhance both her physical and mental well-being. The allure of high heels choreography, with its unique blend of strength, grace, and self-expression, enchanted her from the start.

As she delved deeper into this art form, attending diverse workshops and classes, her passion for high heels dance only grew stronger and decided to become a certified pole instructor to share it and guide you through a journey of celebration of your individuality and unleashing of your inner diva!

Join her and get ready to let your confidence soar to new heights
Coming from a background of ballet, Amelie surely knows all about posture, alignment, lines and flexibility.

Her favorites: creating a flow in every workout!
With over 10 years of experience and an IPSF judge certification under her belt, this Latin heat is a true pole dance master and dictionary!
You can find Alejandra teaching pole classes and flexibility. She also is our Marketing expert and regularly helps out at the front desk.

Her specialty? Anything pole and weightlifting!
MArie-Laure Lesage
Jony Overdijk
Gaëlle Leys
Belgian with Congolese and Senegalese roots, Marie- Laure has been living in Antwerp for nearly two years.
She trained as a Barre coach at BarreShape studios in Paris and has been in love with the workout ever since!

Her favorites? Planks, abs and a dancing warm-up!
This experienced lady cannot only dance but sing as well!
She teaches Pole Classique like no other, plus is amazing in Technique classes as well! Moreover, she is one of the sweetest ladies we know!

Her specialty? An exotic choreo to blow your mind, and voice to pamper your ears.
Gaëlle started pole dancing 3 years ago and fell in love with it immediately, and we can certainly confirm that, as she has been our amazing student in all type of lessons throughout this time and we saw her grow and glow in every class showing a big potential and understanding of techniques.
Don’t miss out and find her taking over a variety of lessons in both rooms, as she also teaches flexibility.

Her favs: spinny pole and flexy moves!
Saskia Somers
NÓra GÁal

This wonderful spirit has been pole dancing for over 6 years. Next to being certified as a pole dance instructor, she also holds a yoga instructor certification. You can expect a fun, technical and uplifting training from Saskia!

Her specialty? Doing everything hands on and with a smile!

Nóra fell in love with pole dancing as she realized fast that pole doesn’t only train her body but also her mind & soul, boosting her self-love and confidence.

She felt the call of “infecting” others with these feelings so she became a certified pole instructor getting deeper in those techniques and safety tips.

Her Specialty? Flowy flexibility and infectious fun classes!
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